The benefits of orthodontic Treatment

include a healthier Mouth, a more pleasing

appearance, And teeth that are more

Likely tolast a lifetime.

Endodontic / Root canal

Endodontic treatment Treats the inside of the

tooth. Endodontic treatment is Necessary

when thepulp Becomes inflamed or infected.

If pulp inflammation or Infection is left

untreated, It can cause pain or lead

an abcess. 


A dental implant is an artificial tooth

root that is placed into your jaw to

hold a replacement tooth or bridge.

Dental implants may be an option for

people who have lost a tooth or teeth

due to periodontal disease, an injury,

or some other reason.

We are a dental clinic in Nogales Sonora border, we offer quality dental treatments at affordable prices. All our doctors are well-trained professionals in the treatments performed. 

 We are in the first block of Nogales, 1 minute walk from the border gate, so you do not have to worry about your safety or addresses.

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Our Staff

100% Bilingual Staff in Dental Care Center Nogales

Our Objetive

To be a Dental Care Center offering the best quality dental care and safety in Nogales.

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